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Creative and Original Thinking + Knowledge and Skills = Confident Achievement and Intellectual Development
The Artful Scribe Enrichment School
Who Do We Think We Are?

The Artful Scribe Enrichment School is not your typical test preparation and enrichment class provider.  We're small and dedicated -- a test McPrep franchise we are not.

We employ highly qualified, experienced and innovative teachers to teach classes that are engaging, informative and fun.  Our students see results from their shared efforts with our instructors and generally enjoy our classes. Our programs emphasize personal attention, flexible curricula, and student-centered activities, all of which contribute to goal-focused achievement.

The College Board has begun to provide long-range projections for test dates. Interestingly, they are following suit with the ACT and are now offering an August test: 

We have a blog now!Take a look and feel free to comment:

Can't make it to our courses?  We can take our courses to you! Check out our Kitchen Table Classes.  Please see our downloadable link or drop us an email for more information.

Questions or concerns: Call -- (973) 986-4040 Email --
We have cancelled the September SAT Prep Mini-course due to low enrollment.
Bigger News
The Artful Scribe is suspending operations indefinitely. It has been an enjoyable sixteen years but I am unable to continue to run the LLC. We're not dead yet, though; if someone else picks up the organization, it will certainly be back in business.
Thank you for your support through the years!

Fundraising with the Scribe

We donated a significant portion of proceeds from our courses from the past two years to the Lincoln Park PAL. We were able to even donate a scholarship to as student who demonstrated a strong work ethic and willingness to think differently. We support their mission to provide opportunities for all children, and appreciate their willingness to house our program.

Let us know if you're interested in partnering with the Scribe for fundraising classes.
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