The Artful Scribe

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Business Vision

Business Vision


Our mission is to provide intelligently priced enrichment and test preparation courses to motivated people. 


Pedagogically our guiding principle is that education must be engaging and applicable to real life.  We are committed to connective learning and aspire to help our students to become more enthusiastic about learning and to be more interesting people.


Our guiding principle from a business perspective is, to borrow a phrase the 2004 Red Sox, to share the gold.  John Deere believed that every business relationship needed to be Win-Win in order to be successful.  We’re a bit more ambitious – we aspire for Win-Win-Win-Win situations. We offer courses that help students improve test scores and become more interesting people.  We keep our prices low to benefit our students and their families.  We provide opportunities for teachers to supplement their income while applying their expertise in courses tailored to their interests.  We use facilities in schools that can use the money we pay in room usage fees to limit their own costs.  On an even grander scale, we can improve local real estate values by helping students improve their test scores (these numbers figure into the school report cards for every district).


We keep our costs low not by skimping on supplies, but by keeping our overhead to a minimum.  Our office consists of Michael’s cell phone and Chevy.  We’re computer semi-literate and run our own website.  We save on storage by keeping materials in a basement.  Our only expenses are pay for our teachers, quality supplies for our students, room usage fees and insurance, photocopies and web hosting. We also believe in upfront pricing, a notion that appears to be overlooked in the educational services industry.

We currently offer PSAT/SAT programs in the Pequannock area and a summer enrichment program at Northern Highlands R.H.S. in Allendale.  We plan to expand our programs into more communities and would welcome the opportunity to speak to representatives from districts that might be interested in a Win-Win-Win-Win relationship with The Artful Scribe Enrichment School.


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