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We are sharing a document called World's Most Awesome Testing Tips for the SAT and hope it helps students and teachers. Please respect the copyright, but also feel free to share. Hope it helps!

If you want to see your Reading and Writing scores increase, you must follow this one word piece of advice: READ.

SparkNotes and other quick measures designed to suggest the completion of one's work without providing any actual opportunity for learning might help to boost your grades, but will only make you intellectually slovenly.  If you are genuinely interested in becoming smarter (and yes, that will boost your scores and make you a more attractive person  in general), you must read constantly.  Think about how much time you devote to any activity and then compare that to how much time you spend on disciplined reading.  If you were to read a brief article about basketball  and then do nothing else to prepare for the season, would you expect to make the team over another player who had shot 100 free throws per day and been dedicated to weight and fitness training?  Why would you expect the functioning of your brain to be different?  Read.
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