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Tutoring and Kitchen Table Classes
We make house calls!

Kids today are busier than ever and we recognize that the schedule of our classes doesn't always match up with their schedules.  Hence, we offer one-on-one tutoring in myriad subjects and home-based classes to small groups (limited to four per group -- we've found that classes of more than four tend to be less personal and studies have found that groups of more than four indirectly can promote social loafing among some students).   To sign up, complete a registration form and send it our way!

For kitchen table classes, you provide the students and the table, and then we provide the rest.  The cost schedule is listed below:

Number of Students

Total Cost (per hour)









Subjects offered (but not limited to):
Creative Writing
Expository (essay) Writing
AP Calculus
American and British Literature
American History
World History
AP History
AP Government

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