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Our next courses are in August and September of 2017. The flyer is available on the home page.

General Information

We suggest that all sophomores and juniors take the October PSAT.

We recommend that seniors plan to take the October  test.  Should you do poorly, the November and possibly even December tests can serve as safety nets for you.

For juniors, we advise taking the March test.  At this point you should have a sufficient content knowledge from your math course for the Math section and the skills and content necessary from your English and history courses for the Reading and Writing sections.  And yes, your history course should help you develop your language skills.

There is also a good argument to be made for taking the June test as this should coincide with your year-end review for finals; the emphasis in your classes on reviewing content should help you be even more prepared for the SAT.  The only drawback here is the potential for testing burnout.

We typically offer mini-courses to lead up to the October and March tests. See our home page for more information.

Upcoming SAT Tests
The College Board has released dates, some tentative, for the next three years of tests.
2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
8/26 8/25 8/24
10/7 10/6 10/5
11/4 11/3 11/2
12/2 12/1 12/7
3/10 3/9 3/7
5/5 5/4 5/2
6/2 6/1 6/1
What is the most important thing to know about test preparation?

The most important attribute of an Artful Scribe student is confidence.  Obviously knowledge is crucial to doing well on standardized tests, but without confidence, even the best students will get tripped up by the test's tricks and format.

What makes students from the Artful Scribe program different?

One, we get results.  Our students typically improve 20-60 points per section.  We have seen gains as great as 120 points on the Writing section from one young man in Bergen County and 210 points on the two verbal sections from a young lady in Bergen County; these gains are unusually impressive, but those who employ our complete SAT game plan should expect positive results.

Two, our students become familiar with the test and The College Board's tricks and are encouraged to follow our complete preparation program so that there is no room for nervousness on the test.  If you see kids who know to eat oatmeal every morning of the week leading up to the test, who know the correct way to cross out wrong answers, and who dress in the exact layered outfit we recommend, you can rest assured they are some of our finest students.  You should also notice the confidence with which they carry themselves.
The 800 Club

Congratulations to Kristen from Upper Saddle River who earned an 800 on the Critical Reading section! 

Sarah from Randolph hit 800 on both Critical Reading and Writing!

Garrett and Lauren from Pequannock are also 800 aces!

Will you be the next Scriber to hit 800?
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